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Class Locations

Inner Space Yoga Studio (map)  -  Brookline, MA

Gary Card's Martial Arts Academy (map) –  Lowell, MA

Tokyo Joe's Studio of Self Defense (map)  -  near Newburyport, MA

On-Site Family Martial Arts Center (map)  -  near Portsmouth, NH

Other Rodas

Mestre Beck, Capoeira Volta ao Mundo  -  Portland/Kennebunk, ME

       Mestre Beck, otherwise known as Samuel Cordeiro, has been practicing capoeira since July 2, 1978 and has been in the USA since 1994, when he opened his Capoeira School in Boston, MA. In 1996, he moved to Maine, where he opened the Capoeira Volta ao Mundo school.

"The lessons to be learned from the practice of Capoeira are profound and lasting. Mestre Beck offers class to experienced capoeiristas, beginners and children."

Mestre Marcelo CaveirinhaCapoeira Mandinga  -  Oakland, CA

        We believe in diversity. We like to see different Capoeiristas playing differently; training to be versatile. "A Capoeirista must be a chameleon," according to Mestre Suassuna. We must play whatever game is called by the berimbau and that is appropriate to the context. We practice creativity; expressing ourselves through Capoeira.

Are we Angola or Regional ?", a student once asked. “The other kind,” said Marcelo, “We just play Capoeira.”

More to Read and Visit

Introduction to the history of Capoeira  This is an informative, scholarly discussion on what's known about the history of Capoeira.

Capoeira-Connection  This is a website with lots of great resources about Capoeira, including training tips, English translations of articles and documents regarding history of Capoeira, links to song databases, and more.

Capoeira Basics  Describes all the basic (and some not so basic) Capoeira moves in detail and with illustrations.  Very helpful for beginners who have a hard time remembering the names of the moves.  An online forum: discuss Capoeira related topics with fellow Capoeiristas all over the world.  A good source of Capoeira CDs, DVDs and other merchandise online.  Associated with Mestre Acordeon's United Capoeira Association.

Handstand Guide  Having problems doing the handstand? This web site gives a very helpful guide on how to approach this and some of the other acrobatic moves often used in Capoeira.

Bahia Online  Wanna daydream of Bahia?  This site provides great information, cool pictures, and lots of beautiful afro-brazilian songs to listen to online.

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